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What we do...
We do not...
We provide a family-living environment for those who want a fresh start in life. We offer support and encouragement for those seeking to gain wellness in various areas of their life including sobriety, relationships, homelessness, and abuse.
We do not allow women living in Hope House​ to use narcotics including Suboxone and Methadone. 
We do not allow women living in Hope House to misuse any mind-altering substance.
We do not harbor those active in their addiction.
We do not provide clinical counseling. Women living at Hope House must seek their own clinical counseling; there are many options in the immediate area. 
We do not do more for someone than they are willing to do for themselves.
We do not promote inactivity; women are required to seek employment while living at Hope House.
We do not have cable.
We do not encorauge dating relationships while someone is enrolled in our program.
Women living at Hope House are permitted to have cell phones. However, if you are serious about recovery, we encourage you to change your cell phone number; old friends can mean trouble.

Our Zero Tolerance Rules
We require all women living at Hope House to abide by two rules: sobriety and living at peace with others in the home. Those living at Hope House also agree to take medications as prescribed.