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What women who have been in our program have to say about Community of Hope...
"I've been a lot of places. But when I came to Community of Hope, it really changed me and my life in such a positive way. It brought me closer to my God. I've been able to deal with a lot of my issues (spiritual and mental). I've learned that all things are possible if you have God in your life. Being here has made me a better person. I have a great relationship with God and others . I'm surrounded with people who don't judge me who loved me until I could love myself." ~Miss S                                                                                                             
"Dealing with mental health issues, my spirituality and substance abuse-all aspects that are worked on here makes it better because if I wasn't here I wouldn't be at a place to be able to deal with difficult relationships and situations in a healthy way and that affects my mental health which in turn can affect my sobriety. It all intertwines...the mental, spiritual and recovery, and not having to deal with it myself or let things negatively affect other things in my life helps so much. I have support here. This place has been the family I never had. There were so many addiction issues in my family growing up that I didn't have the support a child needs. Not having that family-with my mom in jail for three months jail and absent for three years led to me to being emotionally, physically and sexually abused from the time I was three until six years old. That has made me appreciate a healthy place to live with supportive people around me. Some days you just need to be able to talk and even if someone here hasn't been through exactly what you have, to have someone listen, that helps a lot. I have the spirituality to guide me in my mental health which positively  affects my sobriety. And my being here is good for my kids because what  learn about God I can pass on to them. I feel like I can answer my daughter's questions now. I can tell her what I've learned or I know I can grab a Bible and find out what the answer is."  ~Miss D                                                                                                                                                           

"You feel the peace and safety the moment you walk through the door. You are welcomed with open arms. You are not judged for any of your shortcomings whatever they may be......I am truly aware of my surroundings and I feel safe and so blessed. I can speak my mind as to what I am feeling and trying to cope with, without being judged. I am also beginning to feel comfortable in my own skin. What I have learned is also to feel comfortable talking out loud  and sharing with others, which I was not comfortable with before. I have learned to love and care about my sisters that are here and have left. Most importantly, I have learned to forgive myself."   ~Miss K